Thursday, July 19, 2018

July 19

The heat woke me up at 2. At least I slept pretty well, and with no annoying phone calls at 9 in the morning.

I made some chicory coffee and pondered my day. I wanted to do some shopping but with only $6 on hand I realized I'd better start working on getting some money in. I gathered up all my books, even my copy of Red Plenty by Francis Spufford, and took those to Recycle Book Store where I got about $23 for them.

Then I went over to Safeway with the bag I had of all my change (except $5 in quarters kept back for laundry) and put it in the Coinstar machine. I noticed the coin return try was full of coins, a few dollars' worth. I scooped those up and put them into my pocket, and noticed that as my coins went through, a fair number of them were being rejected and ending up in the coin return too. So I just cycled coins around until I had 4 that would not go; a quarter, a foreign coin the size of a quarter, a silver dime, and a foreign coin about the size of a dime. I figured I had $18 or so in change and ended up with a bit over $20, a silver dime, two interesting foreign coins, and a quarter for laundry day. Not bad.

I got sausage and cream and garlic and some drinking water, and packed it up; next stop: the crackhead 7-11 on First. Sure enough, there was a guy slumped against the front, talking a lot of nonsense. "I'm more busy than you can believe ... than you can even understand..." he said as I went in. And the clarinet bits and pieces all got here fine even if the box they came in just barely got through.

I got back here and put things away and cooked up the eggs and sausage I should have had hours before.

Next was a run to the post office with things I'd packed, and to 99 Ranch for lime juice and spicy peanuts and maybe another thing or two and then H Mart for veggies and some beef and drinking water.

I have $8 left. I managed to get the things I want to sell: a lot of art supplies I've never used and probably never will, the doumbek with the still-new DVD on how to play it, my drum pads and the tripod and sticks, and the Yamaha nylon string guitar (which is turns out I can tune by ear) which I cleaned up and tuned up, and will sell with the Mel Bay book and fret polish that were going to go with the steel-string guitar, which turns out to have a broken bridge and isn't sellable.

The steel-string guitar I took the tuning machines off of, which I can send to Street Musician Daniel in a few weeks when I don't have to pinch pennies so hard. 

 So I have 4 "items", the Yamaha guitar, the doumbek, the art supplies, and the drum pads, to photo and put onto Craig's List. And I rounded up a few more books to take to the book store which I can visit before or after the bank tomorrow; the bank of course to put my whole pay check into and to see what my balance is.

In theory I was going to busk tomorrow night, it being Friday night. But I have not played the clarinet at all, just done this other stuff, so the only way I could do that is to bring the trumpet with me and hope I'm not too out of condition.

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