Thursday, May 24, 2018

May 24

I was up in the late afternoon, 4 maybe. I did exercises, legs and stomach, and then realized I really needed to get going up to the post office so I did, on an empty stomach. But I felt fine. In fact the ride felt easier than usual, maybe because I started out with plenty of time and didn't feel hurried.

I came back from this and cooked up sausage and eggs and chicory coffee.

Then I went and did laundry because Thursday's laundry day, and for this week I pretended the dryers are all broken and took the damp clothes back here and hung them up or draped them over various things in the loft, and I'll see how that goes.

Back here, I ate an avocado and then got the practice pad and stuff and set up down here in the office, with my little Korg tuner/metronome. The Row-Loff book says practice with a metronome. The really nice, really good, drummer guy at Cafe Stritch says play with a metronome. Tons of advisors on YouTube say play with a metronome. Gee, ya think I should play with a metronome?

This one I have is nothing special, it's the kind a guitar player might have. The sound it makes is more like beeps than clicks. But it's kind of cool in that you can choose different time signatures and the "1" beat is higher. There's a little LCD screen that shows a needle going back and forth, and there's a little light that comes on too.

So that's what I spent a half hour doing today. Just playing along with the metronome set at 80. Sound-wise, I think I'd like something a bit more "clicky". But there's the waving needle to watch, like watching a conductor's baton, I guess, and there's a little light too. The little light was the most helpful because I could really tell when I was off, generally going too fast. It was like playing a very simple video game - make it seem like the light is controlled by the drumsticks.

I'm sure this is what a really good instructor like Wally Schnalle would like to see a beginner like me doing; spending a half hour just playing along with a metronome.

I've thought more about what I said, how until recently if I were asked what's the most-heard instrument in the US I'd have immediately have said the electric guitar. Everyone's got a guitar, it seems, and there's a huge chain of stores called Guitar Center. I don't see any Drum Center...

But not only is the drum set just everywhere in the country's audible landscape, but unless I turn my radio to a rock station there's just not very much electric guitar at all. Just a bit of amplified guitar here and there. I hear more trumpet and sax, frankly. But drums, Oh man drums. I wonder if we're in some kind of golden age for the drum set?

I found some "big and ugly" stuff to list on Ebay but also some stuff to take apart, and I'm up at the wee hours again after having taken said stuff apart, and stacked up some nice small parts to put on Ebay. The bums were having some kind of a bum get-together complete with arguing and dogs, but they didn't bother me and probably had fun fighting over the scrap metal I put out by the trash enclosure. 

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