Saturday, January 13, 2018

January 13

After all the running around and excitement yesterday/last night, I just wanted to settle in, watch some Treme episodes, and get to bed early. I think I got through 3, maybe 4, episodes and gin-and-tonics.

Instead of waking up at 11 or so, though, I woke up at 1:30 so maybe I just needed the sleep. I probably didn't need the gyoza I ate last night, down to the last bit of floury, carb-filled wrappers. I mean, if I'm going to break my keto diet's rules, at least it should be with a bag of boiled peanuts from Santo Market.

I just went through my bright shiny new Schlossberg book and put red stars next to the exercises I'm supposed to do. It looks like a lot of them are above my level, at least I'm not going to be able to do them over the full range shown.

I needed to make a payment on my phone so I rode up to 99 Ranch and found a bunch of stuff to buy, including ingredients for what I'm hoping will be a really good chicken heart curry. I've tried chicken hearts before, and they're really good. Amazingly, they're also really cheap. Like $2.50 a pound cheap. I didn't get dim sum, though, because I'd cooked up eggs and sausage and eaten that before taking off. I also got some French market coffee in the orange can and one of those little pour-over coffee things. And I got cash back so I could make the payment at the Verizon store on the way back.

Then I had to check the usual dumpsters and lo and behold, there were 6 helicopter bodies there. So I offloaded the stuff I'd bought and went back over with the bike trailer and loaded up three of them and took them to the new place and put them in the loft with the others. I came back to the old place and Ken was there, taking stuff off of some pallet racks and preparing to take them apart. I told Ken about finding more helicopter bodies and we talked about various things. I headed out to pick up the last three helicopter bodies, but first I took a box that was full of bread, rolls, and a pie, kind of hidden behind a dumpster, and put it out by the road so any of the many hoboes who pass by will find it. Then I went back, loaded up the three large boxes the helicopter bodies were in, and stopped to check another dumpster and my bike suddenly felt like something was caught in the tire. The tire made a rubbing sound too. So I got off and looked and I had a flat rear tire.

How had the flat happened so quickly? I keep Slime in the tubes to keep flats from happening unless the tire/tube get something really severe, like a large cut. So I walked the bike back, towing the trailer stacked with boxes.

Ken was still here, and I told him I'd gotten a flat. I unhooked the trailer, flipped the bike upside down, and got to work on the flat. Ken pointed out the small deck screw that had apparently stuck *through* a little part of the tire and out again. It's the kind of screw we have around here and that I've used many of. The bike probably picked the screw up here.

So, I put a patch on the little, less than 1mm hole in the tube, and cleaned the wheel and spokes etc. and then since I had the bike upside down I detailed the parts that are hard to detail when the bike's upright, and hooked the trailer back up and hauled the helicopter bodies to the new place and stashed them in the loft. Then I moved the (heavy) wire shelves that go on pallet racks where Ken wanted me to put them, under the stairway. Ken came by when I was just finishing that. He got to work unloading the stuff he brought, like pallet rack parts and other stuff. I got to work moving the rolls of carpet from the office up into the loft. I told Ken I didn't want to work too late, as it's 10:30. "It's eleven" he corrected me, and said he was about done, too.

So now I'm back here at the old place, and felt too tired to do any cooking so the chicken hearts will go into the freezer and I've just had nuts, cheese, and a nice olive-oily olive/feta/roast garlic mishmosh I got at Whole Foods.

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